What is it?

Advancement tests are voluntary test taken by cadets who wish to be advanced to the next rank.

Who is in charge?

Our Educational Service Officer is in charge of all advancement tests and requests.

When is it?

Advancement tests are taken on the third Thursday and Friday of each month, only during the cadets class period.

Why is it done?

Advancement tests are done to allow all cadets equal opportunity to climb the rank structure in the unit.

Where is it done?

Advancement tests must be completed in the NJROTC room ONLY.

How can I take one?

Cadets are asked during their class period when we take tests, if they would like to take a test. On some occasions, tests may be requested to be taken.

Once a test is completed...

All cadets must fill out and print a REQUEST CHIT (available below) along with the requirements sheet (available below) for the rank that he or she is attempting to advance to and turn it in to his or her Platoon Commander, during the class period.

Cadets attempting to be advanced to any rank of Petty Officer must have a request chit typed out, and must take a drill practical after the test.

For more information regarding advancements contact the Educational Service Officer, Taina Cummings.

Advancement PAPERWORK

Seaman Apprentice (pdf)


Seaman (pdf)


Petty Officer 3rd Class (pdf)


Petty Officer 2nd Class (pdf)


Petty Officer 1st Class (pdf)


Empty Request Chit (docx)